“Upon relocating to Houston from Atlanta to attend Bible College I found that I would be in Houston for a few years. I decided that I needed to buy a home while the market was down. The only thing was that I did not know how to buy a home in the Houston area. There was so much that I had heard about taxes, bad areas, good areas, etc. This made for a lot of apprehension about buying a home. When I met Courtney I told her about my lack of knowledge, apprehension, and my first home buying (bad) experience. Courtney was very understanding, patient, and knowledgeable. I asked if she could explain home buying as if she were talking to an elementary school student. She was very humble as she proceeded. Although I had found two homes that I thought that I wanted, Courtney went to work. She checked the pros and cons on both homes even when I had also thrown in a third home. She gave me all the information I needed to make “the best decision”. Knowing that the market was down, Courtney helped me to negotiate the price of the home. I was able close on the home with little out-of-pocket monies. From the time that I met Courtney, it was approximately 90 days to closing.”
-Francina L. Rutledge

“Courtney was wonderful during my home buying experience. I was traveling quite frequently with my job so I was not able to handle everything and Courtney stepped right in to take care of it all and I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of contacting the builder with my change of heart. Courtney I really appreciate everything you did for me, and I love my home.”
-Kimberly Patterson

“Mrs. Rose handles herself with class and character. Although I am beginning the stages of business, her relaxed approach is both calming and appreciated. I have purchase many properties and my best treatment to date is from Mrs. Courtney Rose and George E. Johnson Development Firm.”
-Dr. Derrill L. James, Bazile Spine Centre

Courtney’s diligence, dedication, and hard work aided me in getting my first home that was very affordable for a single person. I truly appreciate Courtney and the words thank you are not enough for all the hard work that she has done. From doing the searching, to setting up appointments for viewing, researching suitable programs for 1st time homebuyers/teachers, and equipping me with the knowledge of the home buying process and its ins/out, Courtney is truly the best in Houston.”
-Shandel Duling

“We are extremely grateful for Courtney and her friendship over the years. Professionally, Courtney takes great pride in her work providing exceptional service with a personal flair. She is thorough, detailed, and knowledgeable about the real estate industry. We feel comfortable entrusting Courtney with the responsibility of assisting us in our second home purchase. She is accessible and responsive when we have questions or concerns. This sets her above other real estate professionals in the Houston area. We look forward to many more years of working together.”
-Ted and Claudia Mercer

“This was our first attempt at buying a home, so we were virgins to the entire home buying process. Courtney took her time with us and made sure we were comfortable throughout the process. She answered our questions and she made sure the legal and real estate lingo did not intimidate us. Courtney helped us to realize our American dream of owning our own home.”

-Brandon and Marlisa Allen

“Typically, real estate transactions are driven by the size of the sale. Courtney Johnson Rose exhibits professionalism, dedication, and patience irregardless of the sales amount. She made us feel important!”
-Richmond and Charlene Vincent, Sr.

“We met Courtney through my co-worker. Our first initial meeting, Courtney explained to us the process and vocabulary that we were not familiar with. She made us feel very comfortable and was very personable. Courtney worked very hard and consistent on finding us the right home. She wanted what was best for us and really listened to what we wanted in a home. With the help of God, Courtney helped us get into our first home together. We love her so much and would recommend her to anyone in search of a home.”
-Marvin and Rebecca Hill

“For a first time homeowner, I found the process very stressful. Courtney was a lifesaver! She answered all of my questions and calmed my fears. Thanks so much!”
-Sonya R. Wilmer

“Courtney is very professional, but still personal. She makes you feel like more than just a client, but a friend. She greets me with a hug at every meeting. Though I know that she has done many of these transactions, she still shows excitement as she takes you on the home buying journey.”
-Ayesha Simpson

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